Related Products

CalFlo™ CFAF Thermal Mass Air Flow Meter

The FLO-CORP CalFlo™ CFAF Thermal Mass Gas Flow Meter provides a wide measurement range up to 164 fps and is available in five different units to ensure the best signal resolution. The ideal solution for gas applications, from air conditioning to energy conservation systems. Part Number: CFAF

Tracer 1000™ LTT1 Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter (up to 65ft)

**DISCONTINUED** replacement is: TRACER 1000™ 3G GWR LEVEL TRANSMITTER The FLO-CORP Tracer 1000™ LTT1 Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter with 1 analog output and 2 switches. It has few installation restrictions, and it measures precisely even with difficult tank geometries or close interfering structures. The ideal solution for anything from stilling wells to food and beverage. Part Number: LTT1-1 is discontinued, Use LTT1-3G for replacement

PDFlo™ PDTX3 Three-Wire Flow Transmitter/Monitor

The FLO-CORP PDFlo™ PDTX3 Three Wire Flow Transmitter is a microprocessor based signal output, compatible with all PDFlo Flow Meters. The ideal measurement solution for any liquid application, from oil to polyurethane. Part Number: PDTX3, PDTX3-01-S, PDTX3-01-E, PDTX3-02-S, PDTX3-02-E, PDTX3-04-S, PDTX3-04-E, PDTX3-05-S, PDTX3-05-E, PDTX3-10-S, PDTX3-10-E, PDTX3-20-S, PDTX3-20-E