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Tracer 1000™ 3G LTT1-3G 3rd Generation Radar Level Transmitter (up to 60ft)

The NEW Tracer 1000™ 3G LTT1-3G Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter features a built-in digital display and a multi-phase interface level with RS485 Modbus output for easy to read, easy to integrate, real-time data in liquids, solids and slurry applications.  Part Number: LTT1-3G Replaces Part Number: LTT1-1

Tracer 1000™ LTT1 Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter (up to 65ft)

**DISCONTINUED** replacement is: TRACER 1000™ 3G GWR LEVEL TRANSMITTER The FLO-CORP Tracer 1000™ LTT1 Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter with 1 analog output and 2 switches. It has few installation restrictions, and it measures precisely even with difficult tank geometries or close interfering structures. The ideal solution for anything from stilling wells to food and beverage. Part Number: LTT1-1 is discontinued, Use LTT1-3G for replacement

Ranger Two™ LTRP-2 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter (up to 30ft)

The FLO-CORP Ranger TwoLTRP-2 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter (measurement up to 30ft.) is designed for level and distance measurement in remote monitoring and other difficult outdoor applications. Features include a stainless steel housing for rugged indoor or outdoor use, surge protection, and the ability to connect to one sensor up to 32 sensors optimized with RS-485 output to the CONNEX 3D Cellular Monitor.

Part Number: LTRP-2