Related Products

Vibex™ LSV1 Vibrating Level Switch

The FLO-CORP Vibex™ LSV1 Vibrating Level Switch detects the change in its natural resonant frequency (1.100 Hz) and sends a switching output. Precision monitoring for liquid applications, from lubricating systems to bulk holding tanks. Part Number: LSV1

PDFlo™ PDSR1 & PDSR2 Spur Gear Sensor

The FLO-CORP PDFlo™ PDSR1 Single Hall Effect Sensor detects the rotation of the PDFlo Flow Meter’s gears and emits a frequency signal proportional to flow. The ideal measurement solution for liquid applications, from fuel to polyurethane. Part Number: PDSR1

PDFlo™ PDTX2 Two-Wire Flow Transmitter/Monitor

The FLO-CORP PDFlo™ PDTX2 Two Wire Digital Display Flow Transmitter continuously displays either flow rate or total and is compatible with all PDFlo Flow Meters. Precision measurement for liquid applications, from grease to liquid polymers. Part Number: PDTX2, PDTX2-A, PDTX2-C Replaces Part Number: FCRT-Ex10A, FCRT-Ex10C