Related Products

MEMFlo™ MFVC Volumetric VA Flow Meter

The FLO-CORP MEMFlo™ MFVC PVC and CPVC Volumetric VA Flow Meter is resistant to a variety of acids, alkalis, salts and corrosives – an excellent solution for water treatment plants, pickling lines, and deionized water applications. Part Number: MFVC, MFVC-LCC-1712-TCV-N, MFVC-LCU-1712-TCV-N, MFVC-LPP-1712-TCV-N, MFVC-LCC-1006-TCV-N, MFVC-LCU-1006-TCV-N, MFVC-LPP-1006-TCV-N Replaces Part Number: 12ACE___120_LV, 12ACU___120_LV, 12APP___120_LV, 6ACE___20_LV, 6ACU___20_LV, 6APP___20_LV

ChannelFlo™ OCRA Radar Open Channel Flow Meter

The FLO-CORP ChannelFlo™ OCRA Radar Open Channel Flow Meter uses through the air technology that does not come in contact with the flow stream. The ideal measurement solution for liquid, solid, and slurry applications, from sewers to streams. Part Number: OCRA

PDFlo™ PDSR1 & PDSR2 Spur Gear Sensor

The FLO-CORP PDFlo™ PDSR1 Single Hall Effect Sensor detects the rotation of the PDFlo Flow Meter’s gears and emits a frequency signal proportional to flow. The ideal measurement solution for liquid applications, from fuel to polyurethane. Part Number: PDSR1