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MEMFlo™ MFTV Volumetric VA Flow Meter

The FLO-CORP MEMFlo™ MFTV Volumetric VA Flow Meter is the ideal solution for measuring liquid or gas applications, from vineyards to fracking sites. Part Numbers: MFAM, MFTV-LBG-1006-TCB-N, MFTV-LBG-1812-TCB-N, MFTV-LBP-1006-TCB-N, MFTV-LBP-1812-TCB-N, MFTV-LBU-1006-TCB-N, MFTV-LBU-1812-TCB-N, MFTV-LSG-1006-TCB-N, MFTV-LSG-1812-TCB-N, MFTV-LSP-1006-TCB-N, MFTV-LSP-1812-TCB-N, MFTV-LSU-1006-TCB-N, MFTV-LSU-1812-TCB-N Replace Part Number: 6ABA__23CLB, 12ABA__120CLB, 6ABP__23CLB, 12ABP__120CLB, 6ABU__23CLB, 12ABU__120CLB, 6ASA__23CLB, 12ASA__120CLB, 6ASP__23CLB, 12ASP__120CLB, 6ASU__23CLB, 12ASU__120CLB


The Power Supply Module for the CONNEX 3D™ Flexible Meter supplies a highly efficient regulator which generates the power conversion with lower heat dissipation that traditional power supplies.

CONNEX 3D™ CD3D Flexible Process Meter

FLO-CORP's patent pending CONNEX 3D™ CD3D Flexible Process Meter is the industry’s first digital display with RS485 serial remote I/O. Featuring ethernet and auxiliary relays, it provides users the flexibility to configure any analog input into a distributed or integral monitoring and control system. Part Number: CD3D, CD3D-ID-1-NINE-DLNX-NCNS-OE Replaces Part Number: DCX2-T-F-A-N4, DCX2ET-F-D-N4, DCX2N-T-F-A-N4, DCX2NT-F-D-N4