Related Products

MEMFlo™ MFHM Volumetric VA High Pressure Flow Meter

The FLO-CORP MEMFlo™ MFHM Volumetric VA Flow Meter is the ideal measurement solution for high pressure liquid and gas applications over 1,000 PSIG. Part Number: MFHM

CorFlo™ CMFM Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

The FLO-CORP CorFlo™ CMFM Coriolis Mass Flow Meter delivers accurate measurement for virtually any process fluid, while exhibiting exceptionally low pressure drop. The ideal solution for liquid and gas applications, from latex to laughing gas. Part Number: CMFM

MagFlo™ MMFM Magnetic Flow Meter

The FLO-CORP MAGFLO™ MMFM Magnetic Flow Meter is resistant to harsh chemicals and is available in flanged and wafer style. The ideal measurement solution for liquid applications, from waste treatment to pulp and paper. Part Number: MMFM