Related Products

Digital Display Module (CDDM): CONNEX COMPATIBLE

The Digital Display Module for the CONNEX 3D™ Flexible Meter can be mounted remotely or integral (or both) to the CONNEX 3D™ process meter enclosure.

TCP/IP Ethernet Module (C485): CONNEX COMPATIBLE

The TCP/IP Ethernet Module for the CONNEX 3D™ Flexible Meter provides serial server network connectivity for virtually any type of serial device.

FloSentry 3™ MFFS3 Universal Single Or Dual Flow Switch System

The FLO-CORP FloSentry 3™ flow switch provides single- or dual-alarm control and is compatible with all MEMFlo VA Flow Meters. The ideal solution for liquid, gas, and steam applications, from chemical processing to wastewater treatment. Part Number: MFFS3 Replaces Part Number: MFFS2-01, MFFS2-02, MFFS2-51, MFFS2-52