Related Products

UltraFlo™ UFDD Digital Doppler Clamp-On Flow Meter

**DISCONTINUED: Use UFD3**The FLO-CORP UltraFlo™ UFDD Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meter’s patented technology measures just about any liquid or fluid, from potable water to 30% thickened sludge and fly ash slurries. Part Number: UFDD is discontinued, replaced with UFD3

CalFlo™ CFVF2 Thermal Mass Liquid Flow Meter

The FLO-CORP CalFlo™ CFVF2 Thermal Mass Liquid Flow Meter is ideal for handling aggressive and hard to measure media. Precision measurement for liquid applications, from non-potable water to diluted corrosive liquids. Part Number: CFVF2

MagFlo™ MMFM Magnetic Flow Meter

The FLO-CORP MAGFLO™ MMFM Magnetic Flow Meter is resistant to harsh chemicals and is available in flanged and wafer style. The ideal measurement solution for liquid applications, from waste treatment to pulp and paper. Part Number: MMFM