Related Products

AccuPipe™ Mobile Flow Measurement System

The FLO-CORP AccuPipe™ Mobile Flow Measurement System offers remote access and optional GPS system for tank trucks and other mobile flow applications. The equipment can be mounted directly on the truck for a complete mobile solution.

PDFlo™ PDTX4 Four-Wire Flow Transmitter/Monitor

The FLO-CORP PDFlo™ PDTX4 Four Wire Digital Display Flow Transmitter is a 4-20mA rate output, remote indication and monitoring device compatible with all PDFlo Flow Meters. The ideal measurement solution for liquid applications, from epoxy paints to brake fluid.

MEMFlo™ MFVC Volumetric VA Flow Meter

The FLO-CORP MEMFlo™ MFVC PVC and CPVC Volumetric VA Flow Meter is resistant to a variety of acids, alkalis, salts and corrosives – an excellent solution for water treatment plants, pickling lines, and deionized water applications. Part Number: MFVC, MFVC-LCC-1712-TCV-N, MFVC-LCU-1712-TCV-N, MFVC-LPP-1712-TCV-N, MFVC-LCC-1006-TCV-N, MFVC-LCU-1006-TCV-N, MFVC-LPP-1006-TCV-N Replaces Part Number: 12ACE___120_LV, 12ACU___120_LV, 12APP___120_LV, 6ACE___20_LV, 6ACU___20_LV, 6APP___20_LV