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The Cellular Module equips your CONNEX 3D™ Flexible Process Meter with the ability to remotely monitor the application wirelessly through cellular data transmission to a cloud based server.

TCP/IP Ethernet Module (C485): CONNEX COMPATIBLE

The TCP/IP Ethernet Module for the CONNEX 3D™ Flexible Meter provides serial server network connectivity for virtually any type of serial device.

CONNEX 3D™ Online Portal

LOGIN REQUEST FREE TRIAL The CONNEX 3D™ Tank Monitoring Online Portal capabilities are unlike anything on the market today. Monitor all of your tanks in one location. With CONNEX 3D™ Online Portal, you are able to easily view your tanks, battery levels, and network status. Receive alarms when your tank levels are too high or too low to avoid costly overflows. With our secure cloud portal, you are able to access your data anywhere in the world. FLO-CORP offers multiple types of level technologies to accurately monitor your tank levels;  through the air radar, guided wave radar, or ultrasonic. A CONNEX 3D™ Wireless Monitor is required to access the CONNEX 3D™ Online Portal.