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CONNEX 3D™ Wireless Cellular Process Monitor

FLO-CORP introduces the patent pending CONNEX 3DWireless Cellular Process Monitor. The industry’s first process cellular monitor that communicates to field and host devices via RS485 and transmit wirelessly through cellular data transmission to the CONNEX 3D™ Online Portal, a cloud based server. The CONNEX 3D™ Online Portal allows users to monitor multiple tanks in one place. Receive alarms when tank levels are too high or too low, check battery levels, network status and much more.

Part Number: CD3D-CELL Replaces Part Number: G1-1-GP-NN

DigaCom 2000™ DCX2 Digital Process Meter

**DISCONTINUED** replacement is: CONNEX 3D™ Flexible Process Monitor The FLO-CORP DigaCom 2000™ DCX2 Digital Process Meter is a field mount display that is ideal for a range of flow and level applications, from monitoring corn fields to fracking operations. Part Number: DCX2

CONNEX 3D™ CD3D Flexible Process Meter

FLO-CORP's patent pending CONNEX 3D™ CD3D Flexible Process Meter is the industry’s first digital display with RS485 serial remote I/O. Featuring ethernet and auxiliary relays, it provides users the flexibility to configure any analog input into a distributed or integral monitoring and control system. Part Number: CD3D, CD3D-ID-1-NINE-DLNX-NCNS-OE Replaces Part Number: DCX2-T-F-A-N4, DCX2ET-F-D-N4, DCX2N-T-F-A-N4, DCX2NT-F-D-N4